Pneumatic Air Lines

Most Air Tools are designed to run at about 90 PSI. However it’s likely that the Rivet Gun will need to be backed off to about 40-50 PSI so as not to be too fierce. Hence I decided to split my airline into three:

  • High Pressure Line for Pneumatic squeezer etc
  • Low Pressure Line for the Rivet Gun
  • Line for Spraying


I went with 12mm OD Nylon Airline connected with quickfit connectors, and it seems to have worked well.


Each line needs a Pressure Regulator/Water Filter


I terminated the lines with a manifold block to connect the hose connectors. I purchased the lightweight hose kit from Cleaveland Tools in USA, with comes with several male connectors.


The spray line also needed a micro filter since this needs to run an air-fed mask.



Finally the spray gun. The nozzle size needs to be matched to proposed paint, and the primer I have decided to use is suitable for use with a 1.5mm nozzle. I also bought a gun pressure regulator with a mini dial (see where hose enters gun) … this is needed with an air-fed mask since the main regulator governs pressure to the mask and then the mini regulator is able to fine tune the gun pressure (the gun is fed from an outlet on the mask filter/regulator, worn on a belt whilst spraying).


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