Mounting DRDT-2

After playing around with arranging the workbenches, I’ve decided to mount them end to end. This will enable the long components to fit. Also rather than make a little table to support skins on the DRDT-2, I thought I’d mount it between the benches.


So I bolted it to a sheet of plywood…


Made some runners on the end of the benches…


Then slid the DRDT-2 plywood mount into the runners between the benches. This allows the DRDT-2 to be slid across the bench width, hopefully helping to position it in the best way to support various skins. I sourced some old carpet offcuts from my local carpet shop, and my better half Coral used her considerable sewing skills to hem the carpet edges to stop them fraying.


Finally made a little plywood piece to bridge the gap. Now I have a long bench, with a removable DRDT-2, positioned so its work table is level with the bench.



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