Finished! Vertical Stabiliser 06-04 to 06-05

The FIRST rivet! Measuring, seems OK.

First Rivets


This stage is supposed to be done right at the beginning, but I prepared it all then primed first since I wanted the reinforcing plates to be primed both sides! I suspect there will be lots of reading ahead to decide what can be done prior to priming.

Rear Spar

VGk6p214SgCrncFga63FGA.jpg kK9lJRneQ9GM23yw7llQBA.jpg

Managed to get these rivets with the Flange Yoke on the Pneumatic Squeezer.



Tim preparing to help with rivetting the skin onto the completed frame.



Applying JC5A to the joint surfaces … small stiff paintbrush seems to be the ideal tool.



Pneumatic Squeezer for the accessible rivets.

Rear Spar Fitting


The finished Vertical Stabiliser … a milestone : )

zYGTavHETeOHHGLCYT841Q yvE0UDbxRVuGLP5hZWIpMA Carefully placed on shelf for safe keeping … NB wood screwed to shelf to prevent slippage!

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  1. That workshop is way too big!

  2. It’s great to have the space …. bit chilly though! Roll on Spring!

  3. PS Needs underfloor heating like yours!

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