Horizontal Stabilser 08-06 to 08-10

puXTULFmRwuVvq5uM4AManaged to reach all the spar rivets using the squeezer with the Longeron Yoke.

Stringer Web Assembly

ksiPtOA6TJqfty28tw5JkwHQznkiwYTWaTaCSWbehJg-3529572374-1516091852519.jpgl8gfBvS8S+CYijRUY9mGxAOnce again the squeezer can reach the rivets.



Front Spar Assembly


JC5 now well and truly into the workflow!

Version 2 UGONoZtvRuyUfhtOPzHofw

Front spar ready to drop into the skins … next job!

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