Scuff, Clean & Prime

Lots of components to prepare for priming. A scuff with maroon Scotchbrite, then a clean/degrease with Acetone.



For degreasing & cleaning I use CERTEK™ Wiping Roll  , lint free and durable paper sheets.


I get through a lot!


Acid Etch


The Acid Etch is bright yellow in the pot, but once sprayed should be, and I quote, an “iridescent yellow / golden colour”. It’s mixed with a catalyst in a 1:1 ratio, and after a thorough stir is left for a 15-30 mins induction period before spraying.

2lfIF85wTjGHeJ50JbEBZQI filter the paint into the gun, wearing protective clothing from the outset when playing with this stuff.



I find it much easier to lay components out on the spray table rather than hanging. It just means you have to wait for one side to dry before turning over to spray the reverse. Happily the acid etch dries in about 15 mins at 15ºC and above.


Making room for the next batch in the spray booth!







The longerons are about 2.4m long, hence my diagonal positioning in the booth.

White Primer


After the acid etch is dry a light coat of white car primer seals it all in, hopefully improving corrosion resistance.


neQ0K17TSKO%FSOpNP%lsgAll done, next bit more fun … riveting : )

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