Aft Deck 10-27

We managed to set a lot of the aft decking rivets with the squeezer, but a few could only be reached with the gun.


The two rivets highlighted in the picture proved to be very difficult. We used a Dbl Offset Cup Rivet Set to drive these, but due to restricetd access it was nigh on impossible to get any weight of bucking bar on the shop heads. Lots of bucking, not a lot of setting! Drilled the first attempt out, since we thought the rivet had work hardened with all the impacts. Second attempt much better, but still not perfect … hmmm!

Dbl Offset Cup Rivet Set

Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 17.29.38

I’m not a fan of having to use this set, since I’m pretty sure it flexes slightly during use reducing the impact on the rivet? But there appeared to be no other way?

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