More bits have arrived!

Well, after ordering the Fuselage & Wings on March 1st, 2018, they have arrived today after 13 weeks. Their journey has taken them by road from Oregon to Montreal, then on a cargo ship to Southampton, and finally to Shropshire by Luton Van. The shipping was aranged by OIA Global, and I have to say they did a great job. They were offered as an option by Vans, and the shipping arranged by them. I made friends with a nice lady in their Heathrow office, and after sending appropriate paperwork with the special codes, she made sure the import went smoothly without any issues … ie not having to pay import duty due to the crates containing aircraft parts. I also sent links from the GOV/UK web site to ensure the aircraft part rule was properly understood. I can thoroughly recommend OIA Global, and will use them again when the Finishing Kit/Engine is shipped.


tcGEaWGSSCOQaEeXlf9hNQThe van driver arrived at 0730 in the morning! I had arranged for 4 mates to help with the unload, due to the fuselage crate weighing over 300Ibs.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 20.34.26

ax9JOQPgSr2h6OH35Z0t3wI’m involved with a charity air display this weekend, but have a few days off next week. These will be filled with completing the inventory, although Vans do allow 31 days to spot any omissions.

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  1. Loving that even your unloaders (made up word) are in flying suits! Did Tim get you a stude for a job?

  2. Observant as always Chris, you are spot on! “Stude for a job with a hat!” He’s with Tim converting to the EC135.

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