Halfway through Wing Rib Prep!!

Back from work this morning, so after a snooze because of a night out of bed, I pressed on with preparing some more ribs. 14 now complete, so halfway.​

IMG 3112The ribs with XXXX-L name have been pressed out so that the burrs are on the outside, making them easier to remove with the grinding wheels. But those with XXXX-R, ie flanges on the right side, are the other way round. So these inside burrs have to be removed with sandpaper.

IMG 3128

I find that small strips of 320 grit cloth-backed sandpaper cut from a Norton Handy Roll work well.

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  1. Mike Chappell | July 12, 2018 at 7:33 pm | Reply

    Crikey Steve, building after a night out of bed, that’s commitment. great to see such progress.
    I couldn’t do it. That must be why I’m so far behind you! :-))

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