Mechanical Stall Warning??

IMG 0047

Vans have supplied the kit with two pilot holes ready for the Stall Warner Vane slot.

I have asked the LAA (Light Aircraft Association, UK) whether I will be compelled to fit a mechanical stall warner, since I plan to fit a pitot probe with AOA. This will of course be displayed on an EFIS with audio warning.

I suspect I’ll need to apply for an official modification, but in the meantime I’ve decided not to cut the slot. Instead I’ve machine countersunk the holes & fitted small OOP’s rivets.

If it turns out that I have to fit a stall warning vane after all, I’ll drill out the rivets and open up the holes to #10 as per the manual, and file the slot. Apparently there are several RV7’s & 8’s in the UK flying with no mechanical stall warner, so it bodes well, but fingers crossed

IMG 0059

I’ve prepared the brackets that attach the stall warning microswitch, and will also rivet the relevant nutplates to the left inboard LE rib just in case it has to be incorporated.

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