18-05 Right Tank Progress

I’m gradually working on the right tank to bring it up to the same stage as the left tank. So after masking up the stiffener locations, time for more Proseal!

IMG 0463

Proseal applied using the Sealant Gun, about 10g per stiffener.

IMG 0464

Smoothed out with a stick.

IMG 0462

Back-Riveted. Nearly had a disaster on one rivet by almost forgetting to move the plate under the skin!

IMG 0465

Using the sealant gun to seal up the shop heads. The gun is the best thing since sliced bread!

IMG 0467

Masking removed and no mess : )

IMG 0468

Masked up ready for the ribs.

IMG 0483

Small inner rib first.

IMG 0484

Proseal getting angry, but who cares … it’s on the masking!

IMG 0495

10mm radius fillet formed on inner edge to seal the flange gaps in the rib.

IMG 0494

Masking removed whilst the sealant is still wet. Next morning, when the sealant was still malleable, I made sure the sealant was clear of all Nutplates locations.

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