21-10 Nose Skin Blind Rivets

The rivet holes in the nose skin need final drilling with a #33 to allow a MK-319-BS rivet to fit. Interestingly, later on for the ailerons on page 22-08, Vans suggest a slightly smaller #34 drill for these rivets???

Anyway, you’ll need a long drill bit to get access to the holes near the hinge assemblies.

IMG 1165

I used my pneumatic rivet gun to set these rivets, which made the process easy and enjoyable.

The wedge technique worked well for the holes near the hinges.

IMG 1167

The manual stipulates solid rivets for the end ribs, so I positioned the flaps across the bench to get better access.

IMG 1168

Then a straightforward job to set these rivets with the squeezer.

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