29-08 to 10 Longerons, Side Skins & Side Ribs

The #30 holes common to the side skins and forward longerons are final drilled … I used a #30 reamer.

Screenshot 2019 10 19 at 20 18 19

The holes common to F-01470-L Side Skin, F-01485-L Center Section Side Plate and F-01464-L Upper Drag Fitting are also final drilled #30, enlarging them from the previously drilled #40.

Machine Countersinking

IMG 2791

There are a LOT of longeron holes to be machined!

I made a block of wood with a slot for the countersink bit pilot, and then used the drill press.

Needed a nice cup of coffee after that lot : )

IMG 2792

Then holes in the Center Section Side Plates are machined, being careful to follow the diagram detailing which holes to do!

Side Skin Dimples

IMG 2795

I marked the side skins to ensure I left out the correct holes when dimpling …

IMG 2796

… the DRDT2 made short work of the dimples …

IMG 2799

… apart from the curved bottom flanges, for which I used the squeezer.

I also used a reduced diameter female set for the curved sections.

Side Ribs

IMG 2804

Some of the side ribs have the edges “broken”.

The Cleaveland Edge Forming Tool didn’t fit all the way along these ribs …

… so I resorted to the Hand Seamer for these spots.

There were a couple of spots on the side skins, on the curved bottom flanges, which had the same issue.

IMG 2805

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