29-11 to 12 Component Preparation & Riveting to Side Skins

Roll Bar Angles

The roll bar angles are fabricated from one length of angle, with very little room for error to achieve the dimensions specified. No problem if you take your time with the cuts.

Two of the angles require a chamfer, which I produced on my vertical sander. …

IMG 2838

… I tried to remember my Maths and work out the angle of which the TAN = 1/2

: )

Arm Rests

IMG 2840

The arm rests need a little notch cut, so I used my Dremel …

IMG 2839

… then finished it with a file.

Riveting Side Plates, Drag Fittings & Stiffeners

IMG 2858

I put on a thin layer of JC5A on all faying surfaces as normal.

IMG 2860

I used the C-Frame to help keep the back-riveting as consistent and as stable as possible.

I placed protection over the skins … couldn’t face a dent!

IMG 2861

It wasn’t too hard to jig up the skins … I just used wooden blocks.

IMG 2862

These are important rivets I think!!!!

IMG 2857

C-Frame worked a treat for the stiffeners as well …

IMG 2870

… and for the nut plates.

Here is the right skin with all components riveted on prior to attachment.

NB I masked off the front and top edges of the skins where the Proseal will be applied … hopefully enabling a better key and adhesion?

IMG 2865

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