29 and some 30. Even a bit of 36! Preparing parts for the Fuselage Join


I moved on preparing the remaining parts required before the fuselage join.

The F-01457 Gussets are clamped in position so the Upper Longerons can be match drilled.

Bulkhead Bar Assemblies

IMG 2976

I re-installed the Bulkhead Bar Assemblies and torqued the bolts …

IMG 2977

… easier access so a nice quick little job.

Section 30 Prep … Bulkheads

IMG 2978

The usual deburring and dimpling.

IMG 2979

The DRDT2 got all the dimples.

Shoulder Harness Lug

IMG 2991

The Shoulder Harness Lugs have to be chamfered along their top edge. So I marked them out as per the manual …

IMG 2992

… and then used my vertical sander to remove the material.

IMG 2993

This proved a quick and accurate way to get the job done.

36-06 – Elevator Bellcrank Assembly

IMG 2994

I want to install the Yaw Servo bracket before joining the fuselage, so I decided to prepare the Pitch & Yaw servo brackets.

I ended up preparing the Elevator Bellcrank Assembly as well.

IMG 2995

I final drilled the parts on the drill press.


As you can see, after all this part preparation I had to face a long session of scuffing, degreasing and priming.

IMG 2996

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