36-06 & 07 Elevator Bellcrank Assembly, 58-02 Yaw Servo Mount

Here’s the Yaw servo mount riveted together ready for fitting in the Aft Fuselage.

But first I need the Elevator Bellcrank Mount …

IMG 3005

Squeezed the rivets on the Elevator Bellcrank Assembly.

IMG 3006

The F-1037A Bellcrank Angles were prepared ages and ages ago in a previous section, can’t remember when.

But luckily I did remember where I had stored them!

Anyway so that the Angles remained parallel after the pivot bolt was torqued, I clamped them to the bench.

IMG 3009

After attaching the Nutplates to the Bellcrank Mount …

… the Bellcrank Assembly is bolted onto the Bellcrank Mount.

Now this is ready to fit the Yaw Mount in the Aft Fuselage.

IMG 3010

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