Section 30 – The Join!

We decided to try positioning the fuselage on the workbenches, and it worked nicely.

IMG 3043

Having offered the parts up together, all looked good. So I applied JC5A to all the primed mating surfaces before we connected it.

IMG 3046

We followed Vans’ advice closely, as it’s normally a top idea!

I gently bent the two tabs outboard as per the manual … not sure why this is done??

First clecos in were the bottom four …

IMG 3045

… and then after gently lifting the tail a couple of clecos on each side.

IMG 3047

We then wiggled the tail. There was no satisfying clunk as it all aligned, but each rivet hole matched perfectly.

IMG 3048

Left & Right Bulkheads clecoed in place.

Two happy chaps very pleased it all fits. The accuracy of the kit is amazing!

This took a morning’s work. We have been making bits for a rotisserie, and spent the afternoon finishing this off ready for riveting tomorrow.

IMG 3049

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