35-11 & 12 Canopy Decks

Now that I’d given the canopy decks’ paint a few days to harden, it was time to rivet them in place.

Since Proseal is involved, masking tape is also needed!

More Tank Sealant

IMG 3600

So out came the Proseal for more sticky fun.

IMG 3596

And yet more masking tape to keep the Proseal monster at bay : )

IMG 3602

I used my pneumatic syringe to lay down the bead of tank sealant.

When priming/painting the Fuselage Sides and Canopy Decks, I had masked off and scuffed the areas where the Proseal will adhere.

IMG 3606

Then a quick job to set the CS4-4 Pop Rivets : )

I used masking tape on the end of the gun to protect the paint.

IMG 3601

Using the masking tape meant there was very little clean up needed.

Instrument Panel Attach Plates

Rotating the fuselage onto its side gave easy access to set the rivets to attach the Instrument Panel Attach Plates to the canopy decks.

IMG 3630

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