36-13 to 16 Elevator and Joystick Stops

IMG 3737

The control column stops needed a small adjustment to achieve the stick travel specified. A bit hard to access, and it took a while due to the iterative process.

I found it easiest with a small, square section needle file.

IMG 3738

To check for simultaneous contact both sides, I used a piece of paper as a feeler gauge.

IMG 3743

Well the first job to adjust the travel was to get the tailplane & elevators back on the plane.

This also meant I had to temporarily take the fuselage off the rotisserie.

I used some scrap plywood for the Elevator Bellcrank Template, attaching it to the end of a stick so I didn’t have to clamber inside.

As it turned out, with the elevators clamped neutral and the CS-00003 Aft Elevator Pushrod adjusted to the exact length as per the manual, the angle was perfect.

IMG 3746

I had already adjusted the elevator stops ages ago (see this blog entry).

Max down deflection is 25º …

IMG 3747

… and max up deflection is 30º.

IMG 3749

The existing control column stops allowed these full deflections, so with baited breath I went back to the column stops to check clearances.

The elevators should reach the elevator stops just prior to the column stops.

With the adjustments I’d already made, a piece of paper just fitted between the stop surfaces at both deflections/sides. Happy Days!

IMG 3752

This is a view of the elevator stop adjustment when fully down …

… and when fully up.

IMG 3753

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