38-11 Faulty Aft Canopy Rail Angles!

After working on the C-01409-L & -R Aft Canopy Rail Angles for some time I realised there was a bad problem brewing!

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These components are cut from a pressed sheet forming flanges.

I hadn’t initially noticed, but as I fluted the flanges to flatten the parts, for some reason one side needed less fluting than the other??

On inspection I saw that one flange was narrower than the other.

So I guess that the part had slipped as it was pressed out.

IMG 3985

Well it turns out this is not good!

Because of this it means that the holes in the webs are now a different distance to the flange.

This means that when clecoed to the C-01427 Aft Canopy Rails the flanges stick out …

IMG 3986

… a different amount.

This means you will struggle to get the canopy edge profile to match the fuselage sides : (

A search on the VAF forum revealed that others have had the same problem.

Van’s were very good and are sending a new part.

A mate here in the UK kindly offered to send me his C-01409 Canopy Rail so I can get on with the job … not sure how long the new part will take to get here from the US in the current climate! He is building a RV14A, and it’ll be a while before he is building the canopy.

Anyway, much appreciated, since it meant within 2 days I had 2 Aft Canopy Rail Angles with correct flanges clecoed in place … Thanks Mike! : )

IMG 4001

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  1. Happy to help Steve. Some payback for all the great tips on your blog

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