OP 52A – Landing Light Installation

IMG 5240

I spent a pleasant afternoon spent assembling the previously prepared parts whilst installing the AeroLED Sunspot Landing Lights.

IMG 5243

The manual asks you to prepare spacers 10mm long, which I had done.

When I nipped up the bolts against the spacers, I found the light could still rotate easily in the assembly.

So I filed the spacers down to a
9.5mm length and tried again … now it clamped the lights properly.

IMG 5244

I positioned the lights so that the terminals were orientated to easily attach the wires, but also look right from outside with respect to the LED layout.

IMG 5246

I couldn’t resist a little test to see if my wiring worked, so fired up my old 13.8 volt power supply …

IMG 5248

… connecting it to the relevant pins at the wing root …

… hey presto! : )

IMG 5245

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