42 – Miscellanea

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I’ve spent a lot of time over the last weeks making decisions on the Avionics, and attempting to plan the installation of the components.

To offset the feeling that productivity was flagging, I decided to prepare the cockpit floor panels.

Apart from the usual deburring for once there isn’t much preparation of the parts required. There are a few dimples, and these require care to ensure the Left & Right parts have them done in the correct direction … it’s a bit confusing!

IMG 5289

There are a lot of components, so it’s a major spraying job to prime and finish with the chosen cockpit paint.

It occured to me during this job that this was the last big prime/spray in the build … I’m running out of metal : )

I primed the undersides of the parts, and primed/sprayed the visible surfaces with my chosen cockpit 2K paint.

Back to avionics …

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  1. Excited to see what Avionics you choose.

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