Avionics – Transponder Tray

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Well here’s the plan for the GTX 45R Transponder location.

I want to keep it as far forward as possible, to allow room for any required switches underneath the right G3X screen.

The unit slides into a supplied tray enclosure, and is secured by 3 screws each side.

To be able to slide the unit out the whole attachment tray will have to be removable …

IMG 5452

… so I decided to make a tray attached to the intrument panel and sub panel by hinges. By sliding out the hinge pins the whole structure can be removed.

IMG 5454

It’s hard to judge how rigid a structure is going to be until built, but I reckoned the GTX 45R supplied tray itself will prevent flexing.

I used 0.032″ Aluminium Sheet, and 1/8″ angle.

IMG 5455

The fuselage rotisserie made access to match drill the hinges into the structure much easier.

IMG 5458

Match drilling the aft hinges.

IMG 5469

Before riveting it all together I made some lightening holes … saved a massive 30g, but I suppose it all helps.

Some wise chap once told me:

if you plan on putting something in your aeroplane, see if it falls back down when you throw it up in the air … if it does, think carefully if you really need it!“.

IMG 5507

Here’s the complete tray primed and painted.

Having seen how rigid this structure becomes once the unit is in place, I reckon 1/16″ angles would probably be just fine.

I used MS24694-S1 machine screws to attach the Garmin tray to my tray uprights … they needed to be as small in length as possible to fit in the available space at the front. I chose MS21083N08 Nyloc half stiffnuts, ideal with their low profile.

Remove the two hinge pins and it all drops down for removal.

I just need a cunning plan to stop the pins sliding out by themselves!

IMG 5470

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