Wiring Finished! Ground Block & Voltage Regulator

Having wired up the lower centre panel, the only things left to wire were the “Forest of Tabs”, and the Standby Alternator Voltage Regulator.

Grounding Block or “Forest of Tabs”

IMG 6367

I’d routed all the ground wires to the ground block location as I wired up individual components, so this last phase of the wiring was quickly completed.

IMG 6371

In this picture the wires entering from top left are all the high power ones, eg Pitot Heat, Fuel Pump & External Lights etc.

The lower left ones are Avionics & Audio grounds, and I’ve tried to keep them away from the higher current wires.

I’ve no idea if this will have any benefit, but I’m striving for a quiet and clear audio system!

Ground Block

I’ve documented every wire in the aeroplane, so I continued this with the ground block … it might help one day when we’re trying to track down a bad earth.

Just a few spare tabs left!

Voltage Regulator

IMG 6392

Connecting up the Standby Alternator Voltage Regulator grounds to the Ground Block completed the massive wiring job!

The silver box is the Air Traffic AT1 receiver.

Wires now under control

IMG 6393

Here is a view behind the right panel.

The white wire is the CanBus wire, which I will temporarily connect to the MFD and Roll servo CanBus en route to the right wing for testing … I’m still attempting to avoid a CanBus break at the wing roots.

The black puck is a temporary GPS antenna connected to the Air Traffic AT1 receiver, again for testing … a similar puck will eventually be positioned on the canopy coaming.

IMG 6395

Behind the left panel … pitot, static and AOA lines positioned but not yet connected.

IMG 6396

In the avionics bay … the GTN 650 is busy!

And this is what the pilot sees, hopefully oblivious to all those wires : )

So the next hurdle is being brave enough to apply electrical power … GULP!

IMG 6389

4 Comments on "Wiring Finished! Ground Block & Voltage Regulator"

  1. Looks great, well done Steve

  2. Kenneth Hills | June 4, 2021 at 4:05 pm | Reply

    The cockpit layout is about perfect.
    I’m so tempted to click order on the empennage kit and get started.

  3. Greetings. You and I are at the exact same point of the build and am following with great interest how you managed the wiring routes and keeping it neat and orderly. Would you share your template or drawings for the snap bushing cutouts you used in routing wires to the grounding block? I use Solidworks as my CAD program but it will import any number of file formats. Thanks

  4. Hi Steve, can you please help me with a diagram how to wire the Trig to the G3X and/or GMA245 audio panel? Thank a lot, cheers Huib

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