12 – Elevator Fairings

IMG 6863

The elevator fairings fitted very nicely after trimming the flanges to the correct width.

They needed very little adjustment to align with the elevator trailing edge … the spanwise alignment is obviously very important. The length can be easily adjusted with a sanding block!

I used some firm foam to pack out the fairings whilst fitting/match drilling to ensure the flanges were pressed against the elevator edges.

IMG 6879

I again used the NAS1149FN416P washers after match drilling the holes.

IMG 6880

I re-checked the counterweight bolt torques … I don’t want them coming loose inside the fairing!

Probably an overkill, but I couldn’t resist a dab of flox mix around the nuts for good measure. In an ideal world these will never be seen again!

IMG 6881

Again the little washers proved their worth whilst countersinking.

IMG 6882

A nice easy job setting the CS4-4’s : )

IMG 6885

 A lot of builders like to leave the join visible, and the quality of the fairing fit would make that pretty easy.

But I’d decided to blend in these joins, so I scuffed a area prior to applying a micro balloon mix.

IMG 6886

And then used our unusually warm sunshine to speed up the resin setting!

The blending job needed a thin layer of lightweight filler to hide the various undulations in the molding, seen here before the final sanding.

IMG 6889

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