G-STRV Electrical Reference


I’ve had some time away from home, and managed to collate all G-STRV’s wiring diagrams into one document, with links to the respective components from the index.

Clicking the image on the left should give an option to download.

By all means use the information to gather your own ideas, but note:

All electrical connections, including Avionic interconnects, have all been ground tested and found to operate correctly. However, no flight testing has yet been carried out!

In other words, it’s not my fault : )

Screenshot 2021 08 11 at 18 44 53

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  1. Peter Foreman | August 16, 2021 at 3:38 pm | Reply

    Steve, thanks for all the useful information on your website. Can you remember back to the rudder leading edge, when forming the curve, just how critical all the rivet holes line up without any tension in the skin. I am unable to overlap the holes, have been using 22mm broom handle to create. My inspector said they must overlap without any tension before I rivet together. Building RV14 started this year although had the emp kit 2 years. Regards Peter

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