Paintshop Progress 4

IMG 8589

Once the white base colour had been completed, it was time to begin the masking up for the stripes and colour.

Of course to get all this right, the cowling and tailfeathers have to be attached to the fuselage.

IMG 8590

It’s a very skilled job to mark out lines and curves so that they look “just right” and symmetrical on either side of the aeroplane.

IMG 8593

Curves and colour area marked out on the fin.

IMG 8600

Fuselage colour boundary and curves developing.

IMG 8601

The front view must be symmetrical!

IMG 8602

In this picture it can be seen that we decided to position the colour boundary just below the air vent inlet, and also the JDAir Canopy Release Handle.


The registration letters are complicated!

They include 3D effect shading and also a red outline to make sure the letters are correctly defined on the white areas.

IMG 8603

So you need a clear head when masking up and planning the order of colour application : )

IMG 8604

No, not painted blue squares … masking for the red checkers.

IMG 8605

Again, it all must be perfectly symmetrical.

IMG 8612

Once the layout and masking was complete, we disassembled the aeroplane ready for painting.

The rear fuselage access panels have a colour boundary and black stripe across them.

IMG 8611

But of course, prior to painting, everything apart from the next colour to be sprayed has to masked off.

IMG 8620

Ready for the first stripe colour.

IMG 8627

A gold stripe was sprayed first, then masked off so a black stripe could be sprayed.

This picture shows the black having been applied, with the gold masking removed.

The large area of black is the result of spraying the shadow effect on the registration letters.

The next job is to unmask/mask up ready for the colour on top of the fuselage.

As I hope you can appreciate, it’s painstaking and skilled work to build a multi-colour paint scheme.

IMG 8629

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  1. Paul J Anderson | March 22, 2022 at 3:44 pm | Reply

    For a moment I thought your were putting a shamrock on the VS. Just the green tape. 🙂 I have enjoyed watching your progress. I’ll get there one day.

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