Paintshop Progress 6 – The Fade!

IMG 8741

When we designed the paint scheme, having seen other schemes with a “paint fade”, we decided it would look nice to have the white checks on the elevators and rudder to emerge from a red fade effect.

Obviously to achieve this is not without risk … a mistake would ruin many hours of painstaking, careful work.

But the paintshop team were confident …

… and here is Simon, one of the paintshop team, showing off his handiwork with a well deserved proud look on his face, for he’s done a superb job.

He used an airbrush to achieve the effect.

IMG 8743

Here’s the left elevator, showing the sheen after the lacquer was applied.

IMG 8773

Jumping ahead a bit, since I haven’t yet described attaching the tail feathers, but I couldn’t resist showing the full effect of the fade.

We are delighted with the superb results and the expertise of Shropshire Aircraft Painting.

The wings etc should be finished next week.

IMG 8772

3 Comments on "Paintshop Progress 6 – The Fade!"

  1. Fantastic stuff!

  2. Looks terrific! Thanks for taking the time to post your journey throughout the build, its a great achievement and you have a fantastic aircraft, nice one!

  3. Lew MacKechnie | April 1, 2022 at 6:51 pm | Reply

    It’s beautiful Steve…Gotta love that fade!!

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