12-07 Rudder Fairing & OP-56 Tail Light

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As previously mentioned, if you are building a tail dragger, be sure to temporarily attach the Lower Rudder Fairing BEFORE finally fitting the rudder!

I say “temporarily”, because there is a tail light wiring conundrum … the rudder has to be fitted to route the wiring, and the lower fairing must be attached to do this, BUT you still need access inside to connect up the tail light??

Luckily the fairing will droop down enough to allow access.

IMG 8847

Obviously it’s best to prepare and complete as much of the wiring before this process.

When the rudder was attached on the first attempt, I measured an ideal length for the wire emerging from the back of the fuselage, and also the required length of the tail light harness to reach etc.

The fuselage & tail light connectors can then be wired up with the rudder removed.

IMG 8851

I encapsulated the connectors in self sealing tape.

IMG 8854

A tie-wrap clip is riveted in a convenient position on the rudder lower rib, so again if a tail dragger, this position is best decided upon prior to installing the rudder so that access is available to drill the hole.

I positioned the clip so as to secure the connector.

IMG 8853

Nice to see the light in position after all that fibreglass work!

IMG 8898

I used Tinnerman washers under the attachment screws to protect the paint.

Job done!

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