22-08 to 09 Ailerons Finished

Having riveted on the Right Aileron top skin to bring it up to the same stage as the Left Aileron, the next job is the trickier job of riveting the bottom skins in place. To…

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22-05 to 08 Counterbalance & Top Skin

Here’s a counterbalance attached to the ribs. Since this is stainless steel I did not prime the counterbalance tube, but made sure there was plenty of JC5A for corrosion protection where it touches the aluminium….

22-07 Machine Countersinking TE and Dimpling

Machine Countersinking Lots of holes to machine countersink, made easier with the little jig from Cleaveland. I machined flush plus 0.007″ as per section 5 advice. Edge Break I carefully “broke” the rear edges of the…

22-05 Drilling the Aileron Counterbalance

The nose ribs, spar and nose skin are clecoed together whilst positioning the stainless steel counterbalance in position. I found that Vans had supplied the tube already cut to the required length, so that saved…