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Section 28 Fwd Fuse Lower Structure – Preparing Parts

Fwd Bottom Skins

As usual I started this section by working through the manual preparing parts ready for priming.

One of the first jobs was to enlarge the communications antenna holes in the lower skins from #40 to 9/16″. I drilled both sides having made the decision to place both radio antennae under these skins.

I managed to get the skins under the pillar drill, clamping them securely to prevent movement during the step drilling.

IMG 2525

The rear edge of these skins are “broken” … another clear head is needed to ensure the edges are deflected in the correct sense!

IMG 2526

The skins are also quite thick, so these were the hardest edges to break so far in the build. But by clamping the workpiece and going carefully all worked out OK.


IMG 2529

The stainless steel panels of the tunnel were quite quick to debur, having been manufactured nicely.

Lots of dimpling of various holes … I used a reduced diameter die for the holes near the flanges.

Cowl Attach Plates

IMG 2530

An easy job to machine countersink the Cowl Attach Plate holes.


IMG 2533

After priming I masked off the lower skins so I could spray the areas visible in the cockpit with my chosen cockpit colour.

As previously mentioned, I’m doing this to give myself an option of not having to spray the cockpit once constructed with all the accessibility problems.

A few of the parts ready for building!

IMG 2535

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