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18-04 Priming external areas of Tanks & Attachment Brackets

I left the tanks assembled for a week while I was away at work … I’m hoping the ribs noses will now fit into the skins a little bit easier … we’ll see?

Since I have been careful to prime all internal parts of the aeroplane so far, I am keen to do the same to the external areas of the fuel tanks. I have two options:

  1. Build the tanks, then mask & prime the outside.
  2. Mask off internal areas and surfaces which will be Prosealed, allowing for fillets of Proseal on the outside as required. Then prime prior to building.

I reckoned that I’d end up with a better priming job by choosing the second option, so, for better or worse, that’s the choice.


IMG 0300

This has of course meant lots of masking off.

IMG 0295

After Priming

IMG 0306
IMG 0304

I decided I’d be placing a thin smear of Proseal on the Zee Bracket flanges so I left these areas clear of primer.

IMG 0307

Lots of masking on the inner end ribs!


IMG 0315

An easy job riveting the nutplates to the Zee Brackets, but as is always the case with building these wings, there are lots of them! I checked the thread on each nut plate prior to riveting.

IMG 0340

On the shims I used a screw to check the nut plate threads and secure prior to riveting.

It’s best to rivet these nut plates on the top shims first for easy access when riveting the shim to the attachment bracket .

Attachment Brackets & Flange Bearings

IMG 0344

I squeezed all the 470-4 rivets on the VA-146 Flange Bearings.

All the tank parts are now ready to assemble … this means cracking open a tin of Proseal when I get back from work.

IMG 0353 IMG 0352

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