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29-15 to 18 More Parts Prepared

Center Section Channels

The F-01487-L Center Section Channels have to be bent to match the Center Section Angles.


I made a cardboard template to replicate the angle, clamped the pieces with the bend position over a sharp edge of plywood, and tweaked things until the bend angle was correct.

Root Fairing Attach Angles


The F-14120 Root Fairing Attach Angles have to be fluted to align the rivet holes with the side skins.

There is a photo in the manual which shows a suggested flute strategy, so I replicated this … with some adjustment of flute depth I managed to get a pretty good match.



After fluting and dimpling the various stiffeners and Arm Rests, I primed them ready for riveting.

I sprayed all the parts that will be visible inside the cockpit with my chosen light grey 2K paint.


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