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29 More Priming – Side Skins etc

Reading ahead revealed that the Fresh Air Vents are bonded to the side skins, so I decided to mask off the areas of contact. I hope this will improve the bond after scuffing.


Also our old friend the Proseal is applied to the forward and top edges of the side skins … so I masked off these areas as well.


I sprayed a light dusting of Acid Etch primer over all the holes in the longerons which had been machined.


I prepared and primed the side ribs and stiffeners which are attached during the initial side skin attachment.


I painted the components in my chosen cockpit grey, continuing to hope that I can avoid spraying the cockpit area after assembly.

I’m planning on fitting the Classic Aero Panels, so most components will be covered anyway.

I primed the outside areas of the side skins which will be covered by the aft fuselage skins. Also the wing roots.

When I get back from my next work trip the paint will have hardened, ready to back rivet the ribs & stiffeners etc.


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