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Mounting DRDT-2


After playing around with arranging the workbenches, I’ve decided to mount them end to end. This will enable the long components to fit. Also rather than make a little table to support skins on the DRDT-2, I thought I’d mount it between the benches.

So I bolted it to a sheet of plywood…


… and made some runners on the end of the benches…


Then slid the DRDT-2 plywood mount into the runners between the benches. This allows the DRDT-2 to be slid across the bench width, hopefully helping to position it in the best way to support various skins. I sourced some old carpet offcuts from my local carpet shop, and my better half Coral used her considerable sewing skills to hem the carpet edges to stop them fraying.

Finally I made a little plywood piece to bridge the gap. Now I have a long bench, with a removable DRDT-2, positioned so its work table is level with the bench.


7 comments on Mounting DRDT-2
  1. Brad Cheshire

    I am about to replicate your DRDT-2 installation and I am wondering if you have any lessons learned or things you would do differently. Any feedback you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Steve

      It’s worked really well for me … being able to slide the DRDT in and out has proved very useful to help support various components. I can’t think of anything I’d change.

      1. Brad Cheshire

        Time to go cut some wood…

  2. Jeff

    How did you tie the benches together? Thanks.

    1. Steve

      Hi Jeff … I didn’t! My benches sit on rubber feet and being heavy are very reluctant to move.

  3. Jeff

    Thanks, I replicated you great design, but I have wheels on my benches. I guess clamps will work.

  4. Jeff

    Thanks for the info, great design.

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