Elevator Travel 36-15 Step 3 by accident!

Of course having attached the tailplane & elevators to the aft fuselage I couldn’t resist checking the elevator control deflections with my laser level. 11-02 specifies 30º UP and 25º DOWN. Well I measured 27.5º UP and 23º DOWN. Hmmm … but then I discovered Section 36-15 Step 3 … well, actually, Van’s told me after a support question. Basically, I should have read the manual, but in my defence it was a long way ahead!


Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 21.26.37

They pointed out that there is included in the RV14 “Letters & Notices” an update to required control surface deflections. (see above). So actually it was within tolerance. But Section 36-15 Step 3 explains you have to file away the locations in the next two pictures, allowing the horns further travel, until the required deflections specified in 11-02 are achieved.


Filing away precious aeroplane!

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Even though the travel was within tolerance, I decided that I’d like the achievable deflections to be the maximum allowed. So as seen in the pictures above, I filed away my aeroplane until 30º UP and 25º DOWN were achieved. One less job to do when I get to section 36 : )

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