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Elevator Travel 36-15 Step 3 by accident!

Of course having attached the tailplane & elevators to the aft fuselage I couldn’t resist checking the elevator control deflections with my laser level. 11-02 specifies 30º UP and 25º DOWN. Well I measured 27.5º UP and 23º DOWN. Hmmm … but then I discovered Section 36-15 Step 3 … well, actually, Van’s told me after a support question. Basically, I should have read the manual, but in my defence it was a long way ahead!


Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 21.26.37

They pointed out that there is included in the RV14 “Letters & Notices” an update to required control surface deflections. So actually it was within tolerance. But Section 36-15 Step 3 explains you have to file away the locations in the next two pictures, allowing the horns further travel, until the required deflections specified in 11-02 are achieved.

Filing away precious aeroplane!


Even though the travel was within tolerance, I decided that I’d like the achievable deflections to be the maximum allowed. So as seen in these pictures, I filed away my aeroplane until 30º UP and 25º DOWN were achieved. One less job to do when I get to section 36 : )


One comment on Elevator Travel 36-15 Step 3 by accident!
  1. Lew MacKechnie

    Hi Steve…
    I’ve just completed installation of my elevators and I’m confirming the control travel relative to the table of limits defined by Vans. My elevator travel is acceptable. (I had a similar issue as you described relative to the control horns by the way). The issue I’ve come across is the trim tab travel. I’m measuring 8 degrees up deflection and 38 degrees down deflection vs Vans min of 11 degrees up and max of 35 degrees down. There seems to be no means to adjust. It appears the trim tab control arm is too short. I’m wondering if you had a similar issue and perhaps a resolution?

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