47 – Cowl Baffle Part 2

IMG 7832

The powder coating has produced a nice durable finish on the baffles.

I’m hoping the white will highlight any unwanted engine emissions early!

Yeah, I know … and the dirt : )

The first job prior to installation was to add RTV to the areas specified in the manual.

To keep the stuff under control I once again got the masking tape out.

I must be keeping the masking tape company in business.

IMG 7831

I tried to judge a 1/32″ thickness of RTV, and removed the masking tape whilst still wet.

IMG 7835

The manual mentions that RTV can be omitted on the cooling fin locations if a “plastic stabiliser” is present.

I initially didn’t understand, but on close inspection of the engine, some fin areas did have a plastic bar across, which keeps the baffle clear of the cooling fins without the need for the RTV.

IMG 7833

Here is the resulting baffle “kit of parts”.

IMG 7836

But before installation a few nutplates and the Cylinder 3 Bridge required riveting.

I’d left this part unattached to ensure the powder coat reached the edges.

The C Frame proved useful in setting these rivets.

IMG 7839

Here is the left aft baffle in place.

You might have spotted the Vent DL-03 Scat Tube Flange on the aft face, which should be on the front right air ramp.


Because we are installing the Vetterman EXP119 exhaust the scat tube plumbing has to be completely redesigned. The heat muffs in this setup are located on the exhaust exit tubes just before they leave the cowling.

Locating the air source here means the scat tube doesn’t have to be routed right from the front.

Obviously the worry about taking air from the baffle area is a negative impact on engine cooling. Bearing in mind the size of the hole on the right aft baffle for the oil cooler, we decided it will probably be OK.

We’ll find out during test flying I guess.

IMG 7841

I’ve said it before, but Vans have done an excellent job producing the baffle, it fits very nicely indeed.

IMG 7843

This is the right air ramp.

You’ll see that I’ve reduced the size of the original hole, which was supposed to be for the Heat Muff air supply.

But I’ve left a 1″ hole, which will be used for …

IMG 7844

… cooling the primary alternator. I pop-riveted on a 1″ Aluminium flange underneath.

I’m trying to find a 45º spout which will direct the air to the correct area.

IMG 7842

Here’s the right aft baffle, showing the large oil cooler CB-00037 5″ Flanged Duct.

So far so good … the next stage is to install the snorkel.

See Part 3 …

IMG 7838

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  1. Looking awesome. Better than most factory built aircraft.

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