Paintshop Progress 2

IMG 8490

Work continues in the paintshop. The fuselage and tail feathers have all been scuffed ready for a treatment of Alocrom.

After that it’ll be ready for the primer and topcoat.

The team at Shropshire Aircraft Painting have been excellent … keeping us fully informed, highlighting any issues, and coming up with plans to solve them!

Note the bag on the aft deck … this is full of lead shot. In this configuration the tail is light!

IMG 8492

Clever masking technique …

IMG 8493

… somehow from behind every hole.

IMG 8496

Here are the tailfeathers … filler primer over the fairings etc.

IMG 8499

The fin was the first structure we built of course … now scuffed up, filler primer completed.

IMG 8488

A few adjustments to my efforts at the canopy fillet have produced a promising result : )

IMG 8489

Lots of work involved in filling all the little pinholes in the Carbon Fibre wheel pants/spats.

Now they look really great, ready for the primer and paint.

IMG 8494

More masking … the engine and exhaust this time.

It’s hard to see in the picture, but we are going to spray about 1/2″ width of the exterior colour on the canopy rails. This is so that any gap at the canopy join will blend in nicely with the surrounding colour.

I’ve temporarily removed the JD Air canopy latch, making it easier to paint the cutout edges.

The next few days should see some paint on G-STRV!

IMG 8497

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