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Rudder Cable Exit Fairings


When I first ordered my tools from Cleaveland Tools back in 2017, I also purchased some Rudder Cable Exit Fairings.

Since the paint shop slot is imminent, I had to decide whether to install them, and if so, how?

I’m not sure if Cleaveland sell them anymore, but Aircraft Spruce have them available as at Jan 2022.


Having trimmed them to a more pleasing profile, I primed/painted the inside surfaces which will sit proud of the fuselage skin, and also the areas on the fuselage which will be inside the fairing bulges.

I decided to bond them in place with Proseal (rather than riveting).

So the faying surfaces needed a good scuff, as did the corresponding areas on the fuselage skins.


It took some time to mark the ideal fore & aft position … a compromise between hiding the exit and allowing for the cable deflection.

Since the stickiest stuff known to man was involved, out came the masking tape!

The next challenge was how to clamp them in place whilst the Proseal cured.

My saw horses happened to have a convenient slot in the support brace, so I came up with a convoluted clamp system …


… from both sides : )

Here’s the result … it improves the look I think, and didn’t involve too much extra effort.


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