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Priming Rudder Parts

Preparation for priming … scuffing lightly with maroon Scotchbrite, then cleaning and degreasing with Acetone. I’m using  a CERTEK™ Non-Linting wiping roll, which is a clean lint free wiping product that will not tear or shred fibre. Seems to work OK.


Gloves prevent oils from skin contaminating the clean aluminium.



Getting organised before suiting up is key to a stress free process! Most of this Acid Etch ended up on the spray booth floor!

Lots of small pieces

I’ve found that small pieces tend to get blown around by the spray gun if laid out on the spray table. So I tried hanging vertically on elastic bands and small hooks. Not convinced by this, since it takes ages to set up and it was still hard to keep them still. Hmmm…

Still, pretty pleased with the results.


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