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40B – Gear Leg Hoses


I had fitted Aircraft Speciality Gear Leg Hoses for the 5″ wheels, and I discovered that for the 6″ wheels, the hoses ideally needed to be longer to comfortably reach the brake calipers.

I tried turning round the hose support P-Clips on the engine mount, and it nearly solved the issue, but not quite.

Anyway, Steve at Aircraft Speciality offered to exchange the hoses, but I’m keeping the original ones for the moment to sell them here in the UK. Steve kindly sent over a new set exactly as I specified 59 5/8″ from the centre of the Banjo connector to the other end, and this has worked out perfectly.


The longer hoses meant I could keep the P-Clips orientated as per the manual.


The Aircraft Speciality hoses are covered with a protective sleeve, but I covered the hoses with short lengths of clear PVC hose ID 8mm x OD 11mm, to improve vibration resistance at the corners etc.


In order for the Sky Design Wheel Spat (Pants) lower fairings to fit properly, the hoses have to route exactly centre front of the leg at the interface with the U-01421 Gear Axle Fittings.


I attached the the hoses to the front of the gear legs with 3M Temflex 1755 Cloth Tape, which seems good for the job.

The flexible hose terminates after a short bend at the neat Beringer Banjo fitting, resulting in a neat installation.


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