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Engine Arrives!


The engine has finally arrived! It has had an eventful jounrney to the UK … for some reason it got lost en route from Lycoming to Vans. I think someone ended up with two engines, so whoever you are, thankyou for looking after it and getting it sent on to Vans!!!

It eventually ended up at LHR, and then the shipping agent lost it again. After 10 days they looked under a shelf or something and found it.

Anyway, all’s well … it’s now here safe and sound.

We ordered a Thunderbolt IO-390 EXP119, so it was a little worrying to see the label on the box … IO-390 EXP243.

An email to Lycoming revealed that it is indeed an EXP119, but the FAA insist they assign a different number depending on the spec. Ours was built with an eMag and the rear accessory housing included, hence the different number.


The firewall forward kit box was so big since we had to get the cowling for the EXP119.

If anyone needs a RV14 lower cowling for a non-EXP119, guess what?

Lots of components to store and count … more nuts and bolts and unfamiliar bits and bobs. Hopefully I’ll work it all out.


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