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26-02 to 07 Attaching Seat Ribs to Centre Section Bulkhead

Baggage Ribs

IMG 1760

I used the C-Frame to back-rivet the doublers to the baggage ribs.

I reckoned this was easier than anchoring the ribs securely enough to squeeze without the risk of boots caused by movement.

Anyway, it worked well and was quicker than squeezing.


IMG 1762

Lots of nutplates, attached with -3 rivets. These were just long enough, but fine to attach the nutplates.

The inboard seat ribs have dimples for the nutplates on the unramped top flanges. But you DO NOT rivet on these nutplates at this stage, which I found confusing until I read ahead to page 32-05 and realised these are riveted on later as a floor is attached.

Routing Angles and Seat Doublers

IMG 1764

I back-riveted the routing angles to the inboard seat ribs …

IMG 1765

… and the doublers.

Crotch Strap Brackets

IMG 1774

I used a block of wood in a vice to secure the crotch strap assemblies firmly enough for squeezing.

IMG 1775

I reckoned it was best to put the manufactured heads on the bracket flanges wherever possible. I managed to squeeze all the rivets except …

IMG 1776

… this pesky fellow! None of my yokes would reach.

IMG 1782

So this meant the manufactured head for this one had to be on the outside to allow access for the rivet gun.

IMG 1783

I clamped the workpiece with blocks of wood to secure for riveting.

IMG 1787

This is the chap!

Riveting the Seat Ribs

IMG 1779

I again clamped and secured the Centre Section Bulkhead with blocks of wood before Tim & I attacked it with the rivet gun!

IMG 1780

A long rivet set allowed the ribs to be gently flexed to ensure a straight access on the rivet heads.

One or two of the holes for the AN3 bolts needed a gentle ream through the spar doublers (not the spar!) to allow the bolts to be pushed home.

After a session torquing up the nuts I applied the usual Torque Seal.

Now for some more deburring I guess … oh good : )

Slowly but surely this plane is getting built!!

IMG 1786

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