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27 – Firewall Part Preparation

Nice to begin a new section! The usual deburring and reading ahead to prepare the parts for priming.

IMG 1981

Final-Drilling the #30 holes in the F-01490 Nose Gear Brackets. I did this before priming the Firewall Angles & Tunnel Sides.

Machine Countersinking

Screenshot 2019 07 09 at 17 55 57

There are lots of holes to be machine countersunk.

But not ALL of them, only the ones which align with a dimple in the firewalls, so care is needed to mask off the ones the manual says NOT to do!

As you can see in this manual extract (27-04), it might be easy to overlook some of the holes in the left Firewall Side!

IMG 2015

I planed off a corner of some wooden blocks so that they could act as a support for the angles while on the pillar drill.

IMG 2018

I got fed up with manipulating the blocks to leave a little gap for the countersink pilot, so I screwed them together!

So once all the countersinking and dimpling was complete I primed the parts. I still have to debur and dimple the stainless steel firewall parts.

The tunnel sides are visible in the cockpit of course, so I decided to finish them on the outer sides with my 2K Cockpit Paint.

Since the 2K paint is very hard, I also thought I might as well put it on the Firewall Angles.

IMG 2066

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