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28-09 Vent Assemblies – A Puzzle!

The Vent Doors & hinges are stainless steel, but the Vent Inlets & Vent Sides are Aluminium so need priming.

But of course these components will get quite hot, so I decided to prime with Acid Etch and then choose a Heat Resistant paint. I’m not sure if this is necessary or not, since I don’t know how hot these components will actually get??


I used Promatic High Temperature paint, good for 800ºC apparently … so should easily exceed requirements, but I guess we’ll see???


I also painted the Muffler Brackets with silver Promatic High Temperature paint as well.

If I fit the Vetterman Exhaust I’m pretty sure these won’t be required … but I fitted them anyway just in case.

Chinese Puzzle


Actually assembling the Sides and Inlet is easy using pop rivets … once you have worked out the orientation. I stupidly worked it all out, and then when assembling the second unit managed to put in a rivet with the first side back to front!


The rivets specified for the VENT-00001F Vent Arms and hinges are MS20427F3-3.5’s, which are stainless steel, and took a bit of squeezing to set!

All the remaining parts for this section are now primed/painted ready for assembly.

I painted the Battery Box in black 2K acrylic enamel.


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