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29-04 Riveting Forward Bottom Skins and Bottom Skin

By a stroke of good luck, I realised that by making a support leg and fixing it to a plank of wood, the structure would be a perfect width to fit between my bench and a beam across the workshop, offering an ideal place to clamp and fully secure everything during riveting.

Cherry Rivets


After final-drilling #20 the holes in the lower drag fittings through the skins, CR3213-5-5 Cherry Rivets are set.

I was concerned that my Taylor Pneumatic T-7891N Blind Riveter would struggle with these larger rivets, but it coped really well and made the process very easy.


The Cherry Rivet Process Manual details tolerances on stem flushness after setting.

Muffler Shroud Ramp


Even though it’s only a small amount of Proseal needed to seal the rear edge of the Muffler Shroud Ramp, I used my pneumatic syringe.

This helped to force the sticky stuff into the small gap prior to riveting.


The masking tape again helped to tame the Proseal monster!



The other rivets are obviously a two-man job, but pretty straightforward with generally good access.

We found the special elevator bucking bar worked well to set the rivets between the spars.


A small number of AN426AD4’s need the bolts pushed back out of the way to gain access.The manual suggests you set these last.

I was pleased to get the Cherry Rivets set with no dramas. Onwards and upwards!


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