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35- 11 & 14 Fwd Canopy Deck & Panel Frame Assembly

I was in two minds about riveting the Panel Frame Assembly in place at this stage?

Thinking ahead to the avionics installation, if hinged shelves etc are planned, it would be easier to drill extra holes for nutplates in the bottom flange with the panel on the bench.

But then I’d have to wait to install the vents too, since they get in the way of setting some of the rivets.

In the end I decided to get on and install … I can drill holes later if needed.

Fwd Canopy Deck front rivets


First of all I had to finish riveting the Fwd Canopy Deck front rivets.

I managed to get the squeezer on the two inner ones …


… but resorted to the gun for the rest.

Panel Frame Assembly


Riveting the panel in place together with the nut plates was straightforward … apart from this rivet.


Because of the flange I had to use the long nosed jaws with the flat end.

Next up, bonding on the cockpit vents.


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