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While I was preparing parts for the BusBar C mount I made a little bracket to mount the cockpit floodlight.

I used the thinnest material I could get away with, and bent a lip on the front to act as a stiffener.

I’d purchased 3 Oplite 4 LED lights some time ago, planning one for this flood/baggage light, the other two for map lights.


I mounted the light just behind the Rollover Bar, on the F-01432A Roll Bar Brace, far enough back so the bar itself won’t cast a shadow.

The lights are fully adjustable, so can be rotated and angled to shine light into the baggage area if needed.

We did spend time wondering about a switch next to the light, but in the end decided it’ll be used most when sitting in the seats, so I’ll put a switch on the panel where we can reach easily when standing on the walkway.


The power wires route from the rear of the Roll Bar Brace through the bulkhead, so I threaded them up to the light in a small plastic tube. I plan to bond this to the inside lip of the Brace out of sight.

The light is small enough to be unobtrusive, and is far enough above the lower edge of the Brace so as to not get in the way when putting bags in the baggage area.


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