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35 hours of fun!

It’s been a while since I’ve added information to this RV14 web site, and that is because I’ve been absorbed learning how to operate G-STRV and really enjoyng myself!

So what’s been happening?


G-STRV now has 35 hours of flight time, accrued over 45 flights, and has survived 53 of our landings. We are still running the engine at high power whilst running in, so have not yet flown many circuits.

The “Permit to Fly” after flight testing was attained on September 8th 2022, and since then we have enjoyed several landaways and night stops.

First Impressions


The aeroplane is an absolute delight. And the flight testing has revealed that Van’s has created something special – a rock steady, stable aeroplane combined with vibrant, precise controls – a clever combination.

I’ve been asked several times “Were all those hours spent building her worth it?”


And as time passes it’s amazing how you start to forget the low points, such as wondering if it’ll ever be finished. But you do remember the nice parts, and there are many.


So to those of you still building … keep going, the end result is a joy.


Landings work out best in the three point attitude. Wheelers require the wheels to be “brushed” onto the runway, with a well timed gentle check forward on the stick. If it’s not well timed she will probably porpoise to make her displeasure obvious!


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I purchased a travel cover from Cambrai Aircraft Covers, and a “Claw” tie-down system.



I’ve also been producing a comprehensive Pilot’s Operating Handbook (POH), which I intend to submit to our Light Aircraft Association (LAA) here in the UK as part of an application for Night/IFR approval.

This also involves a detailed electrical load analysis amongst other things, and it has all taken lots of time.

In the military we used to fly with a set of Flight Reference Cards (FRC’s) which summarise the POH checklists in a readily accessible format, for use in the cockpit.

These have taken a while to fine tune, working out the best way to operate the aeroplane.

I’ll be continuing to add items to this web site, such as links to the finished wiring diagrams. Also descriptions of little tweaks here and there to G-STRV, for example the fitting of a canopy breaker, headset hooks, and a little fixed rudder trim tab. I’ve taken a few pictures during the two engine oil changes, so keep an eye out in the “Maintenance” section of the web site.


5 comments on 35 hours of fun!
  1. Gerry Hum

    Nice update.. Well done Steve!

  2. Mark Browning

    Thanks for your help Steve with my avionics configuration Hope to be flying in the next few months

  3. Mike Chappell

    Glad it’s all going well Steve, great job 👍

  4. Jonathan Hancock

    What brilliant inspiration. I’m mid-way through the HS, so have a long way to go! I’m really pleased you say so many good things about it.

  5. Chris Cooper

    You have done a fantastic job and your attention to detail is amazing. Wow Steve!

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