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14-06 Priming

Lots of parts to prepare for priming. I’d planned to scuff and degrease them in the morning, and spray the acid etch in the afternoon. But it took so long I ran out of energy, and was forced to leave the parts ready for priming overnight. Lots of advice around for priming as soon as possible after scuffing with scotchbrite pads to minimise oxidation … but I simply ran out of time. I probably should have done one wing at a time, but I was trying to avoid unnecessary gun cleaning etc. Anyway, I made a really early start the next day so it wasn’t too long.

Acid Etch

IMG 3269

I tried out an idea I’d spotted on another blog (Thanks Chris in Aberdeen!), and pinned the small parts to some polystyrene sheet. Worked pretty well.

IMG 3272

I sprayed 9 ribs at a time, so it took most of the morning.

White Acrylic

IMG 3274

And all the afternoon to spray the white acrylic to seal the acid etch.

All done!

Phew, that was a marathon 2 days work. But all finished just before I have to go to work for a few days, so when I return the ribs will be ready for rivetting fun!

IMG 3278

IMG 3279

4 comments on 14-06 Priming
  1. Andy Pearson

    Looks like you and Tim are doing a first class job. I’ve just engaged a draughtsman to produce drawings for a workshop in which I’ll build a Vans so I’m a year or two behind you. It must take you quite a bit of time to make these posts Steve so thank you from me.

    1. Steve

      Thanks Andy, good luck with the workshop. Make sure you make it homely, you’ll spend a lot of time in it! : ) But it’s fun!

  2. Matt Whiting

    Must be “homely” has a different meaning on this side of the pond. I would not want an ugly workshop! LOL. We use “homey” to mean inviting and comfortable. Gave me a chuckle though.

  3. Steve

    Never realised this! : ) Yes, our “Homely” means the same as your “Homey”. Same as US “pants” makes me smile … they are underwear over in UK

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